Frank Dark Revealed!

11 Apr

Hey everyone!

Yes, you read it right! This blog post tell you about ‘Frank Dark’, and let me tell you, this one is a shocker!

Sitting comfortably?
Then lets begin….Three months ago, I was sitting at home, I was feeling a bit down about things, and thought, I haven’t checked my YouTube inbox for a while, I’ll just make sure I haven’t missed anyone’s comments, they always cheer me up!

I had 7!

That warm gooey feeling VERY quickly subsided.

Instead of being greeted by support, I had received the most vile comments on every HIV related video on my account. All from the same name, Frank Dark.

I deleted them all, none more quickly than the one about my mother, who agreed to offer some words of advice to parents who have discovered their child is living with HIV in one of my videos.

I’d love to say that’s where it stopped.

Over the course of three months, it got worse, and more intense, all day every day, to the point that I was scared to leave the house, because he was implying he knew where I live. This random unknown person was terrorising me, and not knowing who was, and why they were doing it to me was scary.

He had even set up a fake Facebook profile, just to abuse me, and try to ruin the massive amount of work i put in to telling my story, in the hope it can offer some kind of teachings, or help to people that need it!
I have written two blog posts about this individual that detail more of what went on if you need to get a better picture of it.
Amongst my fear, and because I was able to filter the comments from public view, I pretended i found it funny, that it didn’t bother me, and still, ‘Frank’ kept at it.Laying in bed the other night, after 20 messages from him, I decided enough was enough. It was time to start dealing with it, and to contact the police.

That folks, is exactly what I did, after, i had found out who it was.Apologies I didn’t tell you before now, I had to keep it to myself until the police had dealt with him.

‘Frank’ had no idea that even as the police officer was sitting in my living room, I knew who was behind the messages that were coming through…

It gives me absolutely GREAT pleasure to know that, after 3 months of being scared, bullied and had my life destroyed by this person, I have rock solid evidence that it was him, and what the police are doing, is only the beginning of the demise of ‘Frank’s’ life as he knows it.

For those of you that don’t know who it is, is not an unknown random person to me. I know him all to well!

This person, an ‘inspiration’ to many for being the creator of a HIV project, a project created to eradicate Stigma and hatred towards people living with HIV!After a professional disagreement, I had to take this person to court, and I was soon contacted by some of the participants of the project to tell me of his utterly disgraceful behaviour towards some of the participants. The disagreements between him and I began when I started to question whether or not the project was simply a money making plan for him, and one that would propel his photography career.

It doesn’t stop there!

This person is also a recognised mental health professional, and THIS is the most interesting part.

On his website and on listings, it says that he specialises in helping people cope with;

Low self esteem
Emotional problems
and support living with HIV/AIDS.
That’s just the ones I felt I should highlight.The incredible amount of distress he has caused me, and most of which was hatred and targeting about my being HIV+, brought on my recent mental breakdown, one I am still battling and seeking help for.

I know, he has motive to hate me, I’d hate me after exposing what I did about him. However I am deeply concerned about what he is capable of. He is a trusted counsellor working with vulnerable people, and is deliberately making somebody’s mental health deteriorate.
If he has done this to me, I question whether he is, or has done this to anybody else?
I couldn’t continue to battle with it by myself, and it was clear he wouldn’t give up.
The police have taken evidence from me, and it’s solid evidence it is him. They have served him with a Police instruction notice. This orders him not to contact me, not to access my social media profiles or my website. Failure to adhere to this will result in him being taken to court on harassment charges, and I am assured by the Metropolitan police, that it’s a matter that will come with serious consequences.Its been a really upsetting time, and has at times been extremely difficult to cope with, to the point that i am having panic attacks when I’m alone. I am very glad that it is being dealt with, and hope that it is the last time i will ever have dealings with him.

A huge thank you to #JaycesArmy for getting me through the last few weeks, and now, perhaps he will finally understand that he cannot win, cannot act however he likes and will think twice before terrorising anyone else.
Much love, as alwaysJust Jayce



This post had to be edited and ‘Frank’s’ real name removed as he went to the police and attempted to have me arrested for exposing him to the public, claiming it was in fact now me harassing him.
Having known this person, I expected it fully, and a the call from the police was no surprise to me what so ever.



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2 responses to “Frank Dark Revealed!

  1. Steve Craftman

    April 11, 2013 at 5:28 pm

    If he’s claiming membership of BACP you might like to contact them with this story at .

  2. mozg02

    April 11, 2013 at 6:18 pm

    Well done Jayce!


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