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Refocused. Recharged. Returned.

Hey everyone!

I was sitting in my office two weeks ago. Coffee in hand, post it notes scattering the desk, head all over the place.

I am concentrating all my efforts at the moment on my new project. It is something a world away from anything I have ever done before – but as with other things I have done before…it’s a huge challenge that is going to an uphill battle. It will be worth it if I get it right – which means the battle is ultimately worth the battle scars.

I was discussing it with a lady I know, who attended the launch of Train The Change – expressing to her about the self-doubt I have cast upon myself. She reminded me of the start of my journey. The battle with the job centre. The struggles I have faced in stigma. The creation of the TTT campaign….and short of shaking me…she did everything to convince me that I could use these experiences to drive the new project.

She asked about this blog – and what I was doing with the activism side of my life. I explained to her that I had taken a back seat, and felt my journey,or rather my struggle, had come to an end. Something I explained to you all in August. I also told her about something I had been feeling for a while before I stopped blogging.

I had felt like so much was going wrong for me, I used my blog as a way to get all my bottled up and reserved feelings and emotions out. This,whilst it had helped me – wasn’t so positive for those reading it. I felt like in doing this, I had become stale and uninteresting – no longer relevant in what had been such a huge part of my life.

She stressed to me that whilst my struggle was over, and my journey to acceptance had come to end; you guys would want to what happened next – where the journey had led me.She also said that people had been supporting me – and whether or not my posts were all about living with HIV or not – people would still want to read…and that she and her family had missed my posts.

I thought about it for so long, and realised that for so long I had so much support and love given to me….and to disappear, whilst I needed the break, was unfair i guess?

From the bottom of my heart I have to thank Tina Kydd for that conversation. Not only did it help with me with my work struggles and doubts…she gave me the courage I needed to come back to what I honestly LOVE doing!
So I have decided that, I would start writing again! I just hope you guys will enjoy reading it!

A few little updates to start I guess!!

I am still living in Kent, with my wonderful parents! The house is a little crowded with Mum, Stepdad Steve, Sister Gemma and her boyfriend Mark and my niece Ellie and myself, all under one roof! It’s nice to be in a full family home though I guess!

I am the MD of a company – and I LOVE my job, and as soon as I can tell you more, I’ll let you know what the new project is! All i can say is, it’s huge!!

I am single…been that way for a while! I have been on a few dates and recently met with an ex partner for drinks and briefly thought it would rekindle, I have since decided it’s not the right thing to do. History tells me it’s not right for either of us.

Whilst it’s nice to go on dates, I rarely go for date two. I have no interest in one-night stands or purely sexual encounters. I am at a point in my life that I just want someone to cuddle up with and share my life with. I want to meet someone that actually makes me happy, and that I’m not going to realise 6 months down the line, isn’t compatible.

I do have a date on Saturday with another guy. He seems very nice so far, and I remain optimistic that the date will go well!

Well….for now, that’s enough rambling!!

I hope you are all well!!

All my love, as ALWAYS


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World AIDS Day 2014

World AIDS Day 2014

Hey everyone!

Long time no speak!! I have been trying desperately to write a post for a while now, but have really struggled. Today however, the incredible amount of love and support being shown across the world is such an inspiration and makes me miss you all terribly! So I would write a post and offer my thoughts about WAD 2014.

I was asked in an interview last week, what World AIDS day means to me, and what relevance I feel it has in 2014. A question that gets asked a lot.

For me – World AIDS day is such a special time. It is as if the world joins hands and takes a moment to remember those who’s lives were cut short, who’s friends and families lost a loved one. It also shows an huge amount of support for those affected by HIV & AIDS and raises awareness that is seems, is still so desperately needed.

I feel a sad today, and I have been reflecting this morning on just how lucky I am. It is a very sobering feeling to know that, had my situation been 20 years ago, my story would be a very different one. I am so grateful that I am lucky enough to be able to plan and to look forward to a long, happy and healthy life.

I am also sad that living where I do, a small seaside town in Kent, England – there is no event to mark this day and for the community to reflect and remember. Having spoken to the owners of the only gay bar near me, I would have expected them to have had something planned – instead, it was a day not known to them. Whether this is because they are a straight couple very new to ‘the scene’ or simply, as is the case with many others, they just simply hadn’t heard of it.

This conversation happened during National HIV testing week – again, somewhat of a surprise giving that, whilst the LGBTQ community fight against the stereotype that comes with HIV & AIDS, we are united in the fight against HIV & AIDS. Across the country both at the weekend and tonight there will be events in most LGBTQ bars & clubs.

Last year I was unable to travel back to Brighton to the candlelit vigil, and instead had a private moment of reflection at home – but I would love to be able to share that moment with friends, family and my local community.

Next year however, I will work with the local bar, to ensure that Thanet has an event and those living with HIV in the area, will be able to experience that feeling of absolute love that I have been lucky enough to feel at events or through you guys!

Today doesn’t just bring sadness to me though – I am so touched that when I went on social media sites – it seems nearly everyone I know is showing their support for the day – and of course, for me as someone living with HIV – that support feels incredible. I will again, have my moment of reflection privately tonight and I will light a candle in memory of those we have lost.

I also want to take this opportunity to give a huge virtual family hug to those affected by HIV across the world – for some of us today is a difficult one, but know the world is holding your hand.

All my love, as always


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HIV – Am I over it?

Hey guys.

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I have posted…with work, a (now ex) partner and lots of other commitments, I simply haven’t had the time.

Updates are small, and some insignificant – but I have had a few emails to ask where I am and to let you guys know I am ok.

Work has been crazy since I joined full time as the centre manager – which means a LOT of work and long hours! I am enjoying it…just wish the pace would slow down a little!

I briefly got all loved up and him and I were happy for a few weeks before things started to fizzle out and I decided it was time to call it a day – ending entirely more pleasantly and quickly than my last breakup!

I am missing Brighton and my friends there like crazy and hoping that next year I can move back and move my work there!

I have started writing – this time not for a blog or magazines etc…but for a novel.

It is nice to write about a character, rather than myself for a change! I will of course let you know when it is finished and hope that I can realise my lost childhood ambition of publishing a book.

I have also been approached about sharing my own journey in a book form – but as yet, that is a decision I need a lot of time to think about – again I will keep you posted!

Now, this post is one I have been struggling to write for a while…but it’s things I need to say and to get off my chest. I am a little upset about it – but it brings about a positive change in me, and I hope you guys can understand.

It has been a long time since I have written on here. I know I have really neglected this side of my life recently. Not just online, but generally activism and even really discussing it.

Over the last few weeks I have started to realise that, for me, being positive just isn’t such a massive issue any more. I have just, kinda got used to it.

This time two years ago, I was in a relationship with a very sweet guy – but the relationship hit an iceberg when I couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t tell his parents. I, then, was incredibly ashamed of my status – I felt like they had a right to know who their son was with….me. A guy living with HIV.

Fast forward two years, to my now recent ex. The fact his family didn’t know about my status, about my activism, about my blogging or Train The Change…didn’t bother me in the slightest.

I had finally seen what the first guy had meant by – they don’t need to know, it’s not essential.

Whether his parents, or indeed my recent ex’s parents found out and reacted badly – even then, for those guys it wasn’t an issue – it would be something the parents would have to come to terms, and deal with.

Going out clubbing and meeting guys this time last year – before they had even began to get to know me – I would jump right out and say ‘BY THE WAY, I’M POSITIVE!’

Whether it was my status or my blurting it out that contributed to the rejection I faced – I will never know.

Again, fast forward to now – When I go out, and speak to a guy I like, it’s just not relevant. I no longer fear they will see it as if I have somehow deceived them.

Long gone are the days where I loathe myself for the mistakes I made to get me here – and hardly ever do I get days I pity myself because of my status. Which, a lot of you will know – very different to two years ago.

It’s so hard to adjust to the thing that consumed my life completely for 18 months to suddenly become just another part of me…but, having said that, it’s an adjustment I am happy to make.

What the future holds for me as a blogger – I’m not sure. I will always fight against stigma…that will never change.

I no longer feel lost, confused, upset, angry or any of the other rollercoaster of emotions that made me start, and continue to write about my journey. I feel like I am at my destination….and it’s good to finally be home.

All my love, always




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Love doesn’t hurt.

Love doesn’t hurt.

Hi everyone.

This post is in a completely different area than my readers expect….but a subject that has dominated my life for over 6 months, and one I feel I need to get out of my head and on to paper…so to speak.

In 2008, I began a relationship with a man I thought was absolutely incredible, and as it turned out, my first ‘serious relationship’.

Around 6 months later, warning bells started to resound in my ears, albeit falling deafly.

He started to control me – and the worst thing is, I have always been a very observant person, able to read people well, and most of all, I was independent!

Time went on, and as dazzled as I was by the man that made me laugh, made me ‘happy’ and giving me what I had always wanted…only now do I see he was manipulating me to think that is what I wanted.

It didn’t take long until I had given up work, didn’t have my own mobile phone, didn’t see my friends…at least, not on my own…and every aspect of my life involved him.

If I questioned it….that’s how it should be, because we loved each other and why wouldn’t we spend ALL of our time together…

It was this questioning that led to realisation something just wasn’t right…and remember, this was my first ‘proper’ relationship, I simply didn’t have any comparison.

I started to become defiant and resistant to this control…and then I started to see a very different side to him…an angry side, a violent side.

Of course; going to bars came with it’s dangers….one night a guy got hit just for smiling at me….the jealousy and possessiveness was incomprehensible…and completely unnecessary!!

Over the space of two years, I was pushed, shoved, grabbed, hit, punched, kicked and sexually abused….this culminated in a horrific night. The night he tried to kill me.

Had it not been for the fact someone else being in the house, I have no doubt, and he has no shame in admitting, he would have succeeded.

With every slap and every punch…I went back. I hid it, lied for him, covered up for him….and in the end, I cut everyone off because it was easier than hiding it…

It took everything I had to get the courage to leave him….and this time, the last time….I had to move 50 miles away, and not tell anyone, just to stay safe….and to get some clarity in my own head.

Abusers like that get in your head…you don’t realise it, but they are making all the decisions from inside your head…playing you like a fiddle!!

I am watching this situation being mirrored with a very close friend right now….although, the ‘cutting your friends out’ stage has come much later.

I have nightmares about what will happen to her….I panic if 24 hours go by with no contact or at least a Facebook status from her.

To see her take such courage to get out, to fall back in to the trap….like an ant walking towards the suffocating honey in a glass jar….so helpless and unaware of what is before her….no screams or pleads will help…not ever reaching out will prevent the enticement towards the so called nectar….that is the most devastating thing of all.

It’s hard to be put aside for a man that causes her so much pain…and for a man that both her friends and family fear will ultimately lose control and finally achieve what he didn’t before….it’s not just hard….it’s terrifying!

Knowing that all I can do is stand by and pray it doesn’t happen….even worse.

Being in an abusive relationship is hard, from bitter experience I know…..however, with the dark stare of truth, I tell you, it’s worse watching it from the outside, happening to a person you love.

There are no best wishes, yours sincerely’s or love to the end of this post as there usually is….just the essence of pain, of upset and of fear.

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IMPRESS Health 2 – Committee Meeting

IMPRESS Health 2 – Committee Meeting

Hey everyone!

Yesterday I was lucky enough to have been invited to the IMPRESS health 2 study committee meeting, having been asked to advise Kent County Council about what can be done to address sexual health and HIV services in Kent.

The IMPRESS study is to research the issue of late diagnosis in Kent and Picardie in France.

It has become apparent that the two places share very similar statistics related to HIV and late diagnosis rates.

I was asked to attend by Wendy Jeffries, the head of public health services in Kent, after she had seen me on BBC news for the Train The Change launch.

I was asked to consider my thoughts about sexual health services in Kent and why I believed late diagnosis rates were so high in Kent, and what steps could be taken to change this.

After two weeks of racking my brain – I concluded that there were four factors that I thought were linked to people not being tested regularly or indeed being tested at all.


I discussed each of these factors individually and then gave four ways I believe this should be tackled.

•Pilot Schemes

I also stressed how important it was to address clinic opening times in Kent – which seem to be muddled, restricted and at times inaccessible.

I also made, for the purposes of the presentation, mock ups of advertising I believe could prompt people to at least consider testing. These came in three categories.

•Shock Factor

I showed the group the posters and explained the text and images I had selected.

I then spoke about campaigns – something that has worked well for me as an activist. Whether they be event based such as the Train The Change launch – or social media based like #SupportNotStigma.

The next point was pilot schemes – something that would of course require much more thought – but I highlighted how developing a pioneering scheme could attract media and public support; increasing awareness and possibly testing.

Having heard the statistics that directly affected my county gave me some real perspective on where my focus should be to better educate my local area.

It was agreed by several key members that the target audience for an educational approach should be for adolescents…something I have been focussing on with Train The Change.

I will be speaking to IMPRESS who are leading the study, to gather more information and to discover ways that we could work together to achieve a common goal.

I will also be working with Kent County Council who have shown interest and support in the Train The Change project.

It was a very interesting and insightful meeting and one that will shape my work within my local area. For now though, I have plenty of food for though and I shall update you more as it comes :)

Jayce x

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Train The Change – The Results!

At the beginning of the course, the participants were given two forms to complete.

The first, a multiple-choice knowledge form, and then second, an anonymous form about their feelings and views about HIV & AIDS.

The results were varied on the later, but the results from the multiple-choice were amazing! We had reached our goal – we had trained the change!

Multiple Choice – Before And After

Below are the percentages of right answers before and after the course.

1. What does HIV stand for? (Human Immunodeficiency Virus)

Before – 80%

After – 100%

2. What does AIDS stand for? (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome)

Before – 40%

After – 95%

3. In which year was HIV first seen? (1981)

Before – 55%

After – 100%

4. In which country was AIDS first reported? (USA)

Before – 20%

After – 95%

5. What is the difference between HIV & AIDS (AIDS is caused by HIV)

Before – 55%

After – 85%

6. Which of the following is a way HIV CANNOT be transmitted? (Spitting Or Biting)

Before – 55%

After – 100%

7.Which of the following groups are most affected by HIV worldwide? (Sex between a man and a woman)

Before – 45%

After – 75%

8. Can Insects transmit HIV (No)

Before – 50%

After – 100%



The 12 year old girl who attended the evening scored just 2/8 before and 8/8 after!

The 14 year old girl who attended the evening scored 3/8 before and 8/8 after!

The question that they should have attended or not answered itself!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Testimonials & Feedback

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So with this feedback – and this data – we are confident that we made a difference in people attitudes and knowledge. We can present this data to schools, colleges and workplace’s – including one school that has already asked to book!

We found out on launch night that people were not educated and although only in thought – could have stigmatised….something we changed!



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Train The Change – The Launch

Train The Change – The Launch

Hey Everyone!

Apologies in the delay of this post – I have spent the last two days in bed really unwell, I guess my body has finally caught up with me after the last few weeks!

It’s a long one, so sit comfortably!!
Well, it has been two days since the launch of Train The Change, and it still doesn’t feel real! That night was more than just a launch to me, more than just a course. It was the moment that all my time as an activist had led up to – the most important moment of my life. The first time I have truly felt pride in myself.

Whilst the family were getting dressed up and ready for the night – I was, not so discreetly, having an anxiety attack and generally panicking. I decided that perhaps some time on my own before would be a good idea – get myself together!

I arrived at the venue and checked for the third time I had everything, then got everything ready, then checked I had everything again!

The first two people to arrive were the community development officer Cara, and Dave, chairman of our community group Newington Big Local – thankfully, both friends of the family so I was put slightly at ease.

More and more people arrived, and with every one, my stomach somersaulted again!

We waited for everyone to arrive – some didn’t make it…but that’s ok – they missed out!

To my surprise one of the women brought with her, her daughter – aged around 12 years old. Apparently people were questioning whether or not she, and her 14 year old friend should be there. A question that would be answered with outstanding clarity.

We handed out questionnaires to everyone; 8 multiple choice questions, and then an anonymous ‘how do you feel’ forms, along with a single word card that wasn’t explained until the last part of the evening.

We began the speeches, and I don’t mind admitting, mine was a disaster, nerves got the better of me!
Rachel from edUKate Training spoke, and then we were ready to begin.

We started with the short film I made – ‘HIV – A Brief History’ – a timeline video with year-by-year statistics and information. The video made people relive the pandemic from the beginning and have fresh in their minds just how serious it still is.

Next we moved on to the 2014 statistics – and spoke about how many people are affected in the UK – when put in to a comparison context, the group were visibly shocked at just how many people that is.

Then came the group work – ‘Myths and Facts’ – Printed out on 19 cards were myths and facts surrounding HIV & AIDS.

The group were spilt up in to three sub-groups and asked to decide amongst themselves whether the information on the cards were true or not. What ensued shocked me.

To me, the things on the cards were obvious. Hearing the debates between the groups was intense! Some were so passionate about their answer that at one point I thought an argument would break out!

The exercise was supposed to last just a few minutes – it was closer to 15…but the conversation, the debate – it was great to hear!!

When each group had finished, we went through the answers – and some of the group were really shocked at the answers – they really learnt from the exercise!

After a quick break I then explained exactly what HIV is – how the virus works and how it affects the body – then did the same with AIDS – and talked about the difference between the two.

Then came the part I was looking forward to the most – a single question that I needed the answer too.

“Raise you hand if you know what PeP is?”

Only two members of the group raised their hands – both gay men.

The only thing that can prevent you contracting HIV once you are exposed to it – and only two? There were 20 people in the room. Ages ranged from 12 – 55. There were girls there that had not long left school – there was one that had only JUST done sex education at school. The number worried me!

I explained exactly what PeP is, how they can get it and stressed the importance of time and adherence.

We spoke about treatments and support for HIV – and looking at some peoples expressions – they realised just how important antiretroviral drugs are, and just how ‘clever’ the virus is when it comes to resistance.

Then came the part about Stigma – The part for me that is so vital, so important, and the reason I was standing before them!

I had given them all a card with a word on it – words associated with Stigma.




I asked the group to remember a time the word on their card had applied to them. Then told the group that at some time since my diagnosis every single one of these words had applied to me – applied to others living with HIV.

I then spoke about times I had been stigmatised – by old friends, by people on the internet and of course – the guy at the jobcentre.

We spoke about the effects of stigma and one of the group Suzzanne, spoke about her time as a nurse in the 80’s…something that would bring a tear to nearly every eye in the room.

She spoke about two men that had been isolated to a room, in which people couldn’t go in without being completely covered – gloves, aprons, eye protection etc.

People were looking through the glass, and fearing the men inside – all but Suzzanne. She was pregnant at the time and was specifically told she was not to go inside. She refused.

“When I looked in to that room, I didn’t see the illness, I saw two men – early to mid twenties. Age went away from them, I saw the look on one of the boys faces – I saw a scared boy that was dying. I went in, held his hand and comforted him. He can’t have lived more than two days after that.”

Everyone in the room had a look of horror on their faced as they realised it was like that back then – and everyone in the room gave Suzzanne a round of applause – she was one of those first people that fearlessly gave support, not stigma.

I then played the Support Not Stigma video and ended the session – slightly later than planned!

We handed out the same questionnaires that we had at the beginning and gave people their certificates.

I will publish the results of the before and after – but I will share with you one participants score.

The 12 year old girl, that it was suggested shouldn’t have been there.
Before the course, knew nothing about HIV & AIDS – she scored just 2/8 on the multiple choice.

After the course, she scored an amazing 8/8 – and on her feedback form wrote this
“I disagreed with the time limit of the course…I wanted it to last longer, I want to know even more! I really enjoyed it!”
She then came to me as I was packing up and said
“I think it is wrong that people have treated you differently – you are a really nice man, and having HIV doesn’t change that”

The words of a 12 year old girl, that ‘shouldn’t have been there’ will stay with me for the rest of my life!

All my love

Jayce x



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Train The Change – Final Touches

Train The Change – Final Touches

Hey everyone!

Well, it’s the Eve of the launch of Train The Change – and I write this as a battle the thousands of butterflies training for the Olympics in my stomach!

The last week has been crazy! I have had a lot of interviews and been in the media again – this time for something so much more….positive!

I am, what I would call, an accidental activist…I didn’t plan to be one, it just kinda happened, as I imagine is the case for many activists out there!

It is tomorrow that, exactly one year ago, I was subjected to cruel and unnecessary treatment by a member of staff at my local jobcentre – as I was taking the first steps to returning to normality after my diagnosis and the events that followed.

It is easy to be bitter about it, but what good is that?
To him?
To me?
To you?

It simply benefits no one – and I won’t allow stigma to destroy me.

A year later and I couldn’t be in a less opposite situation!

I have teamed up with a local training company, edUKate Training and we have been working together for the last two months, to work on a HIV, AIDS & Stigma awareness training course.

edUKate have been incredible! They have given me access to their resources, they have worked tirelessly with me and of course, they are funding the project!

Aside from the support from edUKate’s owner, who is also my incredibly supportive mum Carole, they also have, as a Heath & Social care training specialist, a very important reason for their involvement.

As treatments advance, people living with HIV can expect to have near-normal life expectancy, it is going to become more common within the care sector.

Carole, who has had a career in care spanning over 30 years, feels the lack of HIV & AIDS awareness in the care sector could pose a serious problem. Stigma.

This stigma, could be caused by fear – fear from the carers delivering personal care, who are afraid that they are at risk.

This passion we both have – and my mums continued active support for my campaigning, makes us a strong team – and a team determined for change.

Apart from the odd frantic tweet or or two tomorrow, I guess all that’s left to do is ask for good luck!

All my love, as always,

Jayce x

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Train The Change…progress report!

Train The Change…progress report!

Hey everyone!!

The last few weeks I have mostly been buried under a mound of paper…as well as my ‘day job’, lots was things for Train The Change!

This week however, things started to feel very very real!!

I last blogger about the plans for the project – and I admit, planning was quite easy! Execution however…

Without revealing to much, we’ll get there really soon, I have been slowly but surely putting all our thoughts and ideas in to the course – and so far, I have got to say, I’m quite excited!!

Nerves almost got the better of me last night as I sent out a lot of the invitations – alas a few deep breaths and I got through it!

Nerves I guess, because I believe so much in the project, and am putting my all in to it, to try and make it a success.

I had a set back today when I was told that the venue we had booked, had double booked. I, of course, alerted the national guard and manned the panic stations, as I usually do!

I have almost fixed the hiccup – and will be speaking with someone on Monday about a space that is equally as perfect as the last – for very different reasons!

We are now just over 12 days away from the launch, and with every day, comes a new challenge, or a new expense – but I can almost see the finish line…I can almost touch it!!

I leave you with a quote that is getting me over each hurdle, and reminding me why Train The Change has to happen…

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world Nelson Mandela

Loads of love, as always

Just Jayce

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Joining Forces – edUKate Training

Joining Forces – edUKate Training

Hey everyone!!

I have some news that I hope you will all be as excited about as I am!

It is no secret that last year I was subjected to stigma surrounding HIV.

The incident at my local Jobcentre was featured in the news, newspapers, magazines, radios and even on news sites outside of the UK.

After a few weeks of campaigning – with everyone’s support – including Helen Grant MP – Equalities Minister, we had the training issue at Maidstone Jobcentre addressed, with assurances that HIV/AIDS training would become mandatory to all DWP staff.

We had actually made a change – and that felt amazing!

For a while now, it has played on my mind that I, and many others living with HIV, are subjected to this treatment because they simply are not educated about the virus.

I have been working closely with a training company in Kent – edUKate Training and it is with great excitement, and a LOT of nerves, that I announce the upcoming launch of Train The Change!

Train The Change is a HIV/AIDS & Stigma Awareness course – aimed at providing education about, not only the virus, but the affects of stigma.

The course will be for up to 12 people and is accessible to anyone that wishes to take part!

At first, we will be providing this training in Kent, but hope that we can expand this across the UK, and deliver this training to as many people as we can.

edUKate Training haven’t just committed to joining to fight to raise awareness – they will also be helping to raise money!

A large percentage of all money made from Train The Change, will be donated to HIV charities in the UK.

edUKate Training are very passionate about joining in the fight against Stigma – and probably the biggest reason for this is the owner of the company, Carole Saunders, is my incredibly supportive mum!

We hope to have MPs, Local councillors, staff from local schools, a local doctor and other key members of our local area and the HIV community in attendance for the launch.
We will be having a small pre launch in February – before our official Launch on 20th February.

This date, has been chosen very specifically – It will mark a year since the incident at Maidstone Jobcentre – and I couldn’t think of a better way to mark the occasion!

Wish us luck!!



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